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What was once the Greenbrook Farm owned by the Jacobs family in Ridgeland will soon be one of Ridgeland’s newest housing developments called The Heritage at Jacobs Farm.

The Jacobs family once ran the farm as a wholesale nursery and David Jacobs owned the majority of the land used for the farm with the rest of the siblings sharing the rest. Brook Jacobs owned Greenbrook Flowers, which is still in business today. Though the farm closed down years ago, the family still used the land regularly through fishing at the pond on the property. Several years ago, they put the land up for sale and it was purchased last year by developer Brad Williams.

“It was a much larger farm, and they’ve sold off parts of it in the past to a couple of apartment complexes and some other things that are around it,” Williams said. “We are trying to keep the history alive and also develop it because it’s been a farm in the middle of the city, but we are still trying to honor the history with historical houses and keep the pond there that was used for irrigation.”

The property is located between Old Canton Road and Northpark Drive only eight minutes away from Northpark Mall. Williams said there are several neighborhoods in the Jackson metro area with traditionally styled homes and a similar feel, such as The Township, but most of the houses in those neighborhoods are in the range of a $500,000 to $600,000 starting price.

“What we want to do is create that same community but on a smaller scale so people can afford it and still have that lifestyle,” Williams said. “Most of the people who are in those communities wanted to be closer in and not way out like Canton or Gluckstadt. This is a great in-field spot and is convenient to the Reservoir but also close to the shopping and all the things in Ridgeland.”

The neighborhood will feature a traditional southern style with a farmhouse or cottage feel based upon the family farmhouse that was on the property. They will each have a front porch, which is required within the neighborhood covenants.

“Most of them will have rear-facing garages, so the garages are not part of the elevation of the house,” Williams said. “It is a more traditional, walkable neighborhood from like the 60s or even before that.”

Williams said they anticipate the starting price for houses being $280,000 and not exceeding $400,000.

“Mike Thompson of Thompson Placemakers created the design guidelines for the Heritage and also provided design guidelines for the Villages of Madison and Waterpoint in Flowood as well as neighborhoods in Oxford, Starkville and others throughout the South,” Williams said.

The Heritage features the pond used to water the plants sold through the wholesale nursery that was on the property. The pond remains and has been stocked with fish. It will also feature a designated community garden for vegetables, herbs and flowers to honor the legacy of the land. There is also designated green space along the pond with a rustic bridge to an island where residents can picnic and enjoy the old fashioned swing. The neighborhood is also less than one mile from the reservoir.

Though the houses are not currently ready, Williams is taking reservations. To do so, individuals can go to the website: There, they can fill out a reservation request and the paperwork will be sent to them. A reservation requires a $1,000 refundable deposit giving them first rights to the lot of their choice. The deposit will go towards the closing of their house when they close on it. For most of the reservations, they are for the house to be built before closing although it is available to just purchase the lot.

“They do have the option to purchase the lot then go with their own builder, but the majority of the people that have made reservations are talking to us about going ahead and building the full house and closing on the house,” Williams said.

Contractors are currently working on the neighborhood and have a six month window to finish. Williams said he expects it to be completed in November or December with construction on the houses starting immediately after that.

“We are thinking four to six months on the first set of houses that are built,” Williams said. “We think the houses will be finished in the spring or early summer of next year.”

The Jacobs family has retained six acres of the farm for commercial property along Old Canton Road with the hopes of it being developed into restaurants and businesses that are walkable for the residential area. 

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